Actividades para hacer en Río de Janeiro

Arena Leme Hotel está ubicado en una de las áreas más tradicionales de Río de Janeiro. Con una arquitectura encantadora y un ambiente acogedor, una atmósfera familiar, Leme cuenta con excelentes restaurantes, kioscos en el paseo peatonal, cafeterías al aire libre junto con atracciones como la Fortaleza y el Caminho dos Pescadores (Camino de los Pescadores), los que ofrecen hermosas vistas de la costa de Copacabana.

A pocos minutos del hotel, encontrará algunas de las principales atracciones y actividades para hacer en Río de Janeiro.

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Pedra do Leme

Situated near the Fort of Copacabana and Fort Duque de Caxias, this rock outcropping is ideal for sunset walks, fishing and photography.

Forte de Copacabana

The 12-foot thick walls and massive ramparts of this majestic fort were built on the eve of World War I. Visitors to the museum can view targeting instruments for the cannons that were considered state-of-the-art for their time or relax and enjoy wonderful views of Rio de Janeiro from the Café do Forte.

The Christ Statue

distance: 10.3 kilometers from hotel

Each year, almost one million Brazilians and travelers from around the world ascend 690 meters to the top of Corcovado Mountain to views one of the world’s most famous statues, Christ the Redeemer, which has been gazing down over the city from its privileged perch since 1931.

Lapa Arches

distance: 9.2 kilometers from hotel

A true feat of engineering, these gargantuan stone arches, 42 in total, were erected in 1750 to carry water from the Carioca River to the downtown districts.

Botanical Gardens

distance: 7.7 kilometers from hotel

This tranquil oasis offers a quiet retreat from the city bustle and distractions. Established by John VI of Portugal in 1808, these brilliant gardens offer a fascinating glimpse of Brazilian flora at the base of Corcovado Mountain.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

distance: 4.5 kilometers from hotel

Soaring 396 meters above sea level, this massive rock formation offers spectacular views of the Rio de Janeiro skyline and the surrounding beaches and ocean. From the mountain’s summit, which can be reached via a breathtaking gondola ride, visitors will enjoy commanding sightlines of Urca, Guanabara Bay, Niterói, Corcovado Mountain and O Cristo Redentor (the Christ the Redeemer statue). 

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